To Create an Event for your Community you'll need to follow these steps.

First, ensure you're logged in as an Owner, Manager, or Host in the Community.

From your Community Home page, find the Upcoming Events section and click the blue plus icon.

You'll see the New Event form where you can fill in the information for your Event.

First, start by assigning a Group for where your Event will be held.

  • As a Community Owner, you can create a community-wide event or assign an Event in any Group.
  • As a Manager or Host, you can create an event in any Group which you are assigned permissions.

If you don't want to assign your Event to a specific Group, you can select the Community-Wide event option. This option is currently limited to Community Owner's only.

Next, give your Event a Name, Description, and upload an Event Photo.

Finally, enter the detailed information for the Event Times, Location, and Capacity (optional).

Start and End Dates

You have two options for date periods: 

  • Same-day Event - Start and End times are on the same day
  • Multi-day Event - Start and End times can be on different days with a maximum of 7 days

Event Location

Find the address or location name for your Event and enter it here. Type the address or location name - the auto-suggest feature will recommend locations as you type. Select the location you want from this list. A map will then display giving you a preview of the Event location.

Maximum RSVPs

Leave this unchecked if your Event has no capacity limits

If you want to set a capacity limit, check this box and enter the capacity limit in the field.

Once your form is complete, click Create to publish it. You'll then be redirected to your Event page.