In this topic we'll go over how to Edit your Unique Community URL.

Important Things To Know Before Changing Your Community URL:

  1. You'll be limited to changing your community URL a maximum of 10 times for the life of the community. After the 10th change your community URL will be permanent. Only edit this URL if its essential.
  2. Your previously used community URLs will redirect to your current URL. So don't worry if you have backlinks of your URL shared on other websites, etc. These links will still work and navigate users to your community. (i.e. if your community url was /blockidex and you later changed to /blockidex2020 all links to /blockidex will redirect to /blockidex2020 so those users don't get lost.)
  3. Making this change is permanent. You cannot 'revert' back to previously used community URLs. Although this may become a feature in the future.

To edit your Community URL click the community settings icon on your Community Home page.

  • Note: Must be logged in as the Community Owner.

Next, click the Edit button under Basic Information.

You'll be provided a form to update your settings. Find the Community URL field.

Here you'll be able to assign a new value which will become the link for your community.

Click Save Changes once you're finished. You'll be prompted for your password to finalize this change.